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BGU PhD Candidate Launches New Book for Early Years Professionals

Jo Cormack BookOn Monday we celebrated the launch of BGU PhD student Jo Cormack’s new book: ‘Helping Children Develop a Positive Relationship with Food’ for Jessica Kingsely Publishers.

The book is designed to be a practical guide for those working with young children to better understand, manage and support children’s relationship with food.

Revealing the different ways in which children can relate to food, the book aims to provide those around them with evidence based good practices to help them develop psychologically healthy eating habits. It also tackles issues such as picky eating, obesity and food anxiety.

Having worked as a child and adolescent therapist (including with young people with eating disorders) and more recently, as a feeding consultant specialising in picky eating, Jo understands both the importance and the complexity of the discussions surrounding positive attitudes to food:

"My work is all about the emotional and behavioural dynamics in eating. I am passionate about helping both parents and professionals understand how to support and nurture children's relationship with food. It is an extremely rewarding area."

As a full time PhD candidate at BGU, Jo has built her writing around her studies, but her personal and professional curiosity has made balancing and driving her research an engaging challenge:

“I love it at BGU. It’s such a privilege to have time and resources to complete my research.”

Jo’s book launch formed part of a packed afternoon with an interactive research seminar alongside Dr Tony Eaude who discussed the complexity of primary teaching, covered in his new book ‘Developing the Expertise of Primary and Elementary Classroom Teachers’.

You can find more information on BGU’s Education and Doctorate programmes on our website.

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